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I have been on the lookout for desi cow ghee and after using Vedic A2 Ghee it seems that my search has ended. It just feels pure and natural and adds a lot more value to the food I cook daily. My neighbours have asked me about it and I have already recommended them to try it out. I have also used it as a body lotion for my kid and it works absolutely fine. Go for it if you are looking for some great authentic desi cow ghee.

I first bought Vedic A2 Ghee on a friends recommendation and I was quite happy with it once I started using it. It's quite light and low on cholesterol compared to the earlier ghee I was trying. I love the smell and it seems the process in which it is made is completely authentic.

I heard of Vedic A2 Ghee from a friend of mine and ordered it to give it a try. It was really good and considering the use of A2 Milk to make the ghee, I had no doubts about it further on. I am pretty satisfied with it and will recommend to anyone who is looking to lead a healthy life.

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