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A Modern Life. An Ancient Solution – The Vedic A2 Ghee story

The Dream to create something substantial began quite some time back when I was still doing a job. I lived with my parents and they both suffered from chronic diseases like diabetes, joint pains and heart problems. We tried a lot of doctors and attempted various medicinal approaches, only to experience recurrent relapses.

Going Back to the Vedas

This got me thinking: How did people deal with these problems back in the day? The ancient era? There were no doctors, no medicine, no googled solutions to these diseases and problems, yet they still managed to lead healthy lives.

Reading about  ancient Indian culture and how people lead their lives back then, deepened my curiosity.  And before I knew it I encountered a plethora of ancient vedic cures which seemed relevant to common modern health problems.

This discovery, that ever since the dawn of medicine, healthy food has been the prime ingredient for most lasting cures, is what would eventually inspire me to start Vedic A2

Discovering the Gir Cow & A2 Milk

Significant research, leg work and several setbacks later, I discovered an authentic vedic method for creating pure ghee. This struck me in particular, since ghee was one of the most widest used ingredients in Indian cooking.  Soon after inquiring heavily regarding the making of ghee, I discovered that using only the milk of the native Indian Gir Cows, in order to make ghee – would make it significantly healthier. The story goes that the Gir Cow breed is a rare remnant of the original native Indian cows, whose milk  contains the significantly healthier A2 beta casein protein. Most other cow breeds around the world, due to years of crossbreeding produce the most commonly found milk, which contains the healthfully liable A1 protein.

This further lead me to believe that it was the organic methodologies and unadulterated produce that people of Ancient India used, which resulted in their lack of most modern diseases. The commercial ghee which is commonly found in most markets, made from A1 milk has created skepticism and the fear of heart and weight problems. However, pure Desi Cow Ghee which is coined as the ‘Golden Medicine’ of Ayurvedic Healing, isn’t just richer in taste, but also substantially healthier.

Vedic A2 Pure Desi Cow Ghee was born

So, I finally decided that it was time that I put all my research to use and instead of simply musing about the good old Ancient times, I planned to give people a taste of it. Adapting the natural-ghee making methods of old, and employing local villagers adept at hand-churning ghee, I began my first experiments with inventing pure hand-churned Desi Cow Ghee. Hand-churning ghee in this manner produces what is traditionally called ‘Bilona Ghee’, and this ghee-making method is strongly recommended by the Shastras (Hindu Rulings). Vedic A2 Ghee is thus made using traditional, natural and animal-friendly vedic techniques, to create the purest desi cow ghee.

In less than a year, we have managed to make our presence felt all across the globe. Today we have customers from USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Indonesia trying out our Vedic A2 Ghee. We have recently been listed as Amazon’s Choice for the most preferred ghee brand on their portal. It’s great to see so many people adopting a healthy lifestyle, inspired by ancient India.

Our Vedic Vision

Today, the plan is to make Vedic A2 Ghee widely available all across India and also some parts of the world. The idea is to let people experience the power of ayurveda and food when it comes together. Today, ayurveda and yoga is an accepted lifestyle in western culture as well and we want to penetrate the market with the thought that if ancient beliefs and practices can be fashionable, then why not look for the same in your food?

Ishavasyam Products aims to deliver the best quality food products processed in the most natural way possible. We aim to do so by learning from and implementing traditional, organic Vedic methodologies. While Vedic A2 Ghee is our flagship product for now, we are already working on newer FMCG ideas like traditionally prepared oil, energy bars, milk and lots more.

Hopefully, in the years to come many budding entrepreneurs can catch on to the idea of ayurvedic food and spread it across the globe with various offerings of their own. After all, don’t we all hope for a healthier world?

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